Joaquin Salim



What We Do Is [secret] was an independent group show held in an abandoned apartment in Brooklyn, New York on November 14th, 2015. The exhibition showcased the secret after-hour tinkering of six artists FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, who's unique body of work was being showcased for the first time.

The guest artist included; 
Basil Faucher, Fashion Photographer, Venezuela/France.
Paul Meates, Advertising Art Director, Australia.

Xavier Lujan, PHOTOGRAPHER/Fine Artist, Venezuela.
Enrique Alvarado, Illustrator/graphic designer, Puerto Rico

Valerie Name, Interior Architect, Venezuela/Spain.
Joaquin Salim, Advertising Art DirectoR, Venezuela.

The work featured a variety of mediums such as painting, photography, mixed media, illustration, Performance art, screen-printing and more, accompanied by a guest DJ. 

The show's success was such, that we are happy to announce that What We Do Is [secret] it is set to happen again sometime in March2016 in a secret location in New York City.


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