Joaquin Salim



In 2010 I officially partnered with RAWAYANA, at the time a very small up and coming Venezueland band. I did their art work for their first EP. 9 years later, RAWAYANA have grown to be the biggest and most successful Venezuelan pop band of our time and I am still making all the art for them. From studio albums, EP’s, singles, merch to directing a couple music videos, together we’ve created a world that it has been so well received, that fans have even gotten it tattooed on their skin. No joke.


NOW THIS Interview piece about the Ahora o Nunca initiative.

The ‘Ahora o Nunca’ shields we made, featured in the front page of the New York Times, 2017.

NTN24 | Protesters protect themselves with the AHORA O NUNCA shields from gas grenades launched from the national guard.

Making the shields with wood and used plastic oil barrels.

We made a few stencils, and then people started making their own.